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Hi! Welcome to One Little Cub. A shop focused on small baby inspired bodysuits. 

My name is Evelyn Rivera, I am a Wife and Mother to two Boys ages 8yrs and 2yrs old. Our oldest Son was born at 37 wks and spent 3 days in the NICU. Our Baby, Luke, was born at 24 wks and spent 132 days in the NICU.
As a Micropreemie Mama, I was inspired to share our story and help support the preemie community through One Little Cub. Each one of my designs are very meaningful to me, I sketched them myself. I hope you find the perfect item for your precious little one. The name comes from Luke's nickname- Cub. I combined my love for succulents in some of my designs as plants represent Life. Our Babies are Life. I wanted to create something simple for Babies to wear yet, inspiring to Parents all at the same time. I know the feeling of avoiding the store for Preemie clothes because it's too hard emotionally. So, I created my online store and hope you find something you love. My goal is that every time a Parent sees their child wearing their Onesie they find encouragment within the design. Hence, Strong, Brave and Fierce  I hope you feel empowered and reminded that your child is exactly that. Preemies are relentless and incredible fighters. This is one thing I would love for Parents to know in the middle of their pain. You have fierce warriors in your hands!
In addition to the items we carry, I want to shed light on Prematurity Awareness with an encouraging touch. A portion of sales profits is donated to various Organizations that support NICUs and Preemie Support groups. So far, we have made regular donations for our former NICU as well as 5 others Nationwide. Whether you have a baby in the NICU or a graduate, I want you to feel supported during your journey. I look forward to partnering with more Community based organizations and Non Profits as they learn our Story. 

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you found something you love.